Financial Affidavit of support for US graduate Schools

Once admitted to a US graduate school, they will require supporting documents to prove that you are able to financially support yourself while studying in US, before they send you your I20. Which means that you have to show enough funds to cover two years of expenses that include tuition, living and miscelleaneous.

You may need to send bank statements, bank loan approval letters stuff like that to prove you are financially well off to pursue your studies. Once these documents are received school will send you an I-20 which you can use to apply for F1 visa.

Here is a sample of : AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT for school.This should be notarized.

This affidavit of support can be signed by more than one person in your family.I had mine signed by my brother & father.

Include all the financial paper required to show enough funds such as:

Bank statements,Bonds, Bank loan papers, insurance papers, provident fund statement, any financial paper that can be used to show that you have enough funds.

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31 Responses to Financial Affidavit of support for US graduate Schools

  1. rohit says:

    Hi jagmohan,
    Can Provident Fund statement be given for sure to the university.

  2. jagmohan says:

    Provident fund statement can be used.I did use provident fund statement to show enough funds to support study expenses.

  3. hi,
    can i show the financial doc. after the app.?
    can i show someone else’s money?
    does the same doc. are to be shown at the time of visa?
    does the bank give the loans even before i havn’t got an admit ?
    does it maght be a disadvantage to get a loan at the time of visa?

  4. jagmohan says:

    Yes you can show the financial doc after application.Infact you don’t need it until u r admitted and your I-20 is about to be issued.At that time International Student services staff of that school will ask you to show enough funds to prove financially you are ok to pursue MS.

    You can show your parents funds or siblings.Have them sign an affidavit of support.For that matter it can be anyone else.But whoever it is he must sign the affidavit of support.Then you have to present supporting documents.

    No visa is different.At that time you must be much more careful and present very solid finacial documents.Especially you must show enough liquid funds to cover first years expense.

    That depends on bank’s policy.You need to talk to your local bank for further information.But if you have your I-20 it’s much easier, as I did.

    No I don’t think so.Visa officer doesn’t care how u got ur funds.It’s whether u have them or not.

    Hope it helps.Happy new year.

  5. Irene says:

    would you know if your visitor’s visa will be revoked once they issue you a student visa? I have a multiple entry visitor’s visa and I am just wondering if they will revoke my visitor’s visa once I applied for a student visa. Thanks.

  6. Vivek says:

    Financial Document Info…Very imp…help
    Financial Document Info…Very imp…help
    I am asked to fill the Financial Affidivait for US University. I wanted to know do we need to show full 2 year availablility of funds on the Financial affidvait.
    I am able to show around 37000.00 US dollars on the form by loan but the total expenses amounts to about 44,500.00 US Dollars for total 2 years for MS program…
    How should i do???
    well my parents are supporting me to 6000.00 US dollars.
    Can some one tell me…..regarding showing 1st yr & then 2nd yr expenses..????
    Or can we only show 1yr…how much does showing funds availablitly affects visa…

    Vivek Ahuja

  7. jagmohan says:

    Vivek not all funds need to be liquid.Please ask your parents to provide you an affidavit of support where all assets are included.You can send that affidavit of support, along with your loan papers.You needn’t send all supporting document for that affidavit of support.US schools aren’t that diligent and remember they want you there as a student.

  8. jagmohan says:

    Irene for that information you need to talk to an immigration attorney.However as far as I know you can’t maintain two sets of visa at one point of time.If you are on F1 most likely you will lose other visa.

  9. Rohan says:

    I want to know if i have to signed the 1-34 Affidavit of Support or my Affidavit of Support can just write a letter like the one above

  10. niranjan says:

    I am on a student visa in UK and am planning for my further education in US. I am planning to attend my inerview for student visa for US at the US embassy in london rather than going to India. my cousin who lives in UK along with me has agreed to sponsor me. Now I want to know what all supporting evidence do i have to present for my interview.

  11. tango says:

    Hi, I got a letter from USCIS and asking for evidence that I will return to my home country upon completion of my masters. whats the best way to do tht?? and also they want me the evidence to prove tht i maintain residence in my home country and who will take care of it on my absence. I have no assets in my name. Can anyone help me out??

  12. kim says:

    Goodday, I am a jamaican who has applied to a university in the united states. I am having a little trouble concerning my affidavit .I have gotten a affidavit that is covering my tution fee but because i would be staying with my aunt my living expenses would be covered but the university saying they need an affidavit for all the money. I am trying really hard to get a afffidavit for the rest but cant can i get any advice from you please.

  13. dilio says:

    My sponsor had signed an Affidavit of Support for me and my wife to pursue education (F-1 visa) in the US. He was initially supportive in every way and has even taken out a car and phone in his and my wife’s name for my wife because she didn’t have any credit history or pay stubs to qualify for a loan.

    Recently, for some reasons which I’m unaware of, he has dropped all his responsibilities and commitments to leave us to fend for ourselves with car loans, housing fees, telephone bills, among other things.

    He has caused us to give up our life and our comfort in our country because he gave his word and commitment that he would support us all the way through and now we are on our own. Is it possible to take legal action against him or put some sort of restraining order so that he will continue to support us until we are finished?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.”

  14. sagarika says:

    i want 2 aply for MS in US…during application what bank documents r required????in my parents account thr r no much money…can i show policies n all…..during apllication?????(nt durin VISA)

  15. krishnan says:

    hi jagmohan
    whether the sanction letter for an education loan will be valid as a proof of financial support

  16. Laura says:

    How about if the sponsor cannot support the student because of layoff from work, the student would like to dropp out of school because of finnancial problems. What type of document does the student need to prove her financial problems and loss of sponsor?

  17. Check that says:

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  20. Asmerom says:

    Dear Jagmohan,

    My name is Asmerom I am An international undergraduate student. I am writing this to request you the follows:
    I was accepted by the university last year, but due to some problems,
    I was not able to finish my process. Nevertheless I had changed my
    admission into the the spring 2015. The university to renew my record
    asked only to send her a new bank statement and a financial support
    statement. As her request my sponsor and I have sent her the two

    Wright now what I want to know from you is the follows.

    Me and my Sponsor have completed the Affidavit of Support on the first
    admission last year. It seems that I am going into my interview with
    this Affidavit of Support of Last Year. Thus, do I need to renew the
    Affidavit of Support? Is it going to be a problem getting into the
    interview with the old one? It would also be use full if you can
    provide me any other information regarding the F1 visa interview.

    Thanks for your cooperation,

  21. Ayesha says:


    My husband works in USA.
    I got admit from US universities for MBA,and I want to make my husband a sponsor.
    So will the Affidavit of Support will work for my husband or anything else is needed.
    Is it needed to be notorized by US lawyer or I can do in India?


  22. Abhinab says:

    I got my admisssion letter for phd for fall 2016 (starting september 08) . But the funding will be decided by august mid week. So i would have to apply for visa before I have the documents related to funding. The cost mentioned in i20 is $30000. I have applied for a loan of 7.5 lakh inr. My father has a gpf of around 7 lakhs inr. And one of my first cousin will sponser around 20 lakhs inr. Will these be sufficient for the visa interview ( for financial part) ?

    Thanking you..

    • jagmohan says:

      Is that the total cost. Usually they ask funds for total cost of program. If your funds cover total costs then it should be enough.

  23. Tom says:

    I have been sponsored for my undergraduate by a company in US. what are the document required during the student visa interview and overall . Could you please explain the same with more information.
    Thank you in advance

    • jagmohan says:

      It’s been awhile so things might have changed. But mostly docs showing enough funds to support your education apart from letter of admission ( I-20 ) from the school.

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