US graduate School Application Checklist

Following is the Admission checklist for univeristy of Arkansas.The same format applies to all other universities.So this is how it goes:

1- Fill out grad school application for that university and pay application fee.( you can do it online or by bank draft ).

2-Send your bachelors transcripts.( Your BTech/BE/BSC marksheets ).It needs to be sealed and sent directly from the school.Since no Indian university would do that you have to get the marksheets put it in an envelope and ask them to seal it.If they don’t do it I guess you can find other ways.LOL.

3- Send two recco letters.This too must be sent directly by professors.So it’s your responsibilty to have the recco letter signed by professor and then put it in an envelope and have them sign/seal across the envelope.If they don’t do it I guess you can find other ways.LOL. Some of the universities give an option for online reccomendation which can be a convenient process but might be pretty ponderous if your professor seldom uses the internet. 4- Send statement of purpose/Intent

5- Send your GRE scores ( That’s why you have to take the GRE test, they need it to evaluate your application for admissions, it’s mandatory.)

6- Send your toefl score ( This is not used to evaluate your application, rather as a qualifying metric.One needs some 213 on the ETS test to qualify.It will have no bearing on your application. )

That’s all you need to do.

Then if you are admitted they will send you an I-20 form.

I-20 form is what you will use to apply for F1 visa, which is a student visa program that allows you to not only enter US but study there for the duration of stay.I will write another post where I will give information regarding what you need to do when you have your I-20 and need to apply for a Visa.

Admission Checklist

Requirements for admission to the University of Arkansas Graduate School are as follows:


A conferred baccalaureate degree. Students who have not completed their baccalaureate degree at the time of application must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA on the last 60.0 credit hours of attempted coursework. Students who have a degree at the time of application must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA on the last 60.0 credit hours of attempted coursework from a regionally accredited institution of higher education. (My take: If you have scored above 60% in your bachelors then you will have a GPA of close to 4.00.Most Indian students qualify with this requirement.So not a concern.)

A checklist is provided below for the steps to admission at the University of Arkansas Graduate School.

Two copies each of all official transcript(s) from every undergraduate institution attended sent directly from each college or university to the office of graduate school.
Graduate School Application for Admission (filled out completely and signed)
Application Fee ($40.00 check or money order payable to the University of Arkansas; $50.00 for international students)
Letters of recommendation . (My take: Prepare your own letter of reccomendation and have them signed by your professor.Professors don’t have time to write recco letters for you, not in India anyway.So you better do it urself.I will post sample recco letters I used soon on this site. )
A standardized test score (i.e. GRE, GMAT) if required by the department for your degree program. The institution code for the University of Arkansas is 6866 for GRE, 2302 for GMAT. (My take:You can request ETS to send these scores on your behalf.When you register for GRE test ETS will provide you option to send your scores to 4 schools for free.You will have to pay extra if you want your scores to be sent to other schools later.)
Graduate School Application for Graduate Assistantship (My take:This one is for funding.You must apply for this one to stand any chance of being paid while studying.)
Statement of Interest (My take: Prepare a generic template and modify it slightly depending on the school you are applying for.I will post a sample soon. )

If you qualify and are interested, submit your application and other materials today!
University of Arkansas Grad school admissions checklist
Univeristy of Houston Grad school admisions checklist
University of Cincinnati Grad school admissions checklist

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