How to prepare for GRE.

Facts about GRE:

* GRE is far easier than GATE.

* GRE is far easier than CAT.

* GRE preparation takes 3 month max.

* GRE is the easiest of all options an engineering student has.

* GRE Quantitative test is a non-test in my humble opinion. If you are an engineering student scoring 750/800 is a given, people easily score 800/800.

* GRE verbal test people usually score around 550/800.

* Quantitative + Verbal scores are the only scores that matter for admissions.Analytical isn’t as important.

* Use the prep books mentioned below and that’s all the prep you need.You needn’t go to coaching classes for that.

The sources that I used for preparation:
Princeton GRE PREP available in most Indian book stores click here.

ETS itself provides CD with sample question that is most useful, it’s available after test registration click here.

Kaplan provides a much tougher challenge and usually one scores a 10-20% higher than the kaplan scores, this prep guide available in most bookstores click here.

PS:  Coaching classes are good for nothing.They are certainly overpaid and over hyped.Remember GRE is a means to an end.Your reason for taking  the GRE test  is to  get an admit  for  higher studies abroad.Schools judge your application on many criteria and GRE is just one of them.If you have good grades getting admission becomes very easy.

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